Faculty of Business Administration

The world is entering an era of borderless globalization. What is demanded in the global business setting is the ability to identify and solve problems with a flexible perspective. Working in this setting requires not only an understanding of how companies are operated and managed but also a deep insight into intercultural dynamics and distinctions. The Department of International Business and Management provides students with an opportunity to learn the theory and skills necessary to succeed in this evolving complex environment.

Features of Department of International Business and Management

  • A “Career Shop” System that allows students to determine learning paths according to career interests
  • Well-developed seminar education
  • Versatile foreign language education
  • Unique BSAP (Business Study Abroad Program) and SA (Study Abroad) programs
  • Various experience-based learning programs
  • Fab Lab Hiratsuka: A community-based digital fabrication platform
  • A high rate of landing a job

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